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SoloBon Events

SoloBon Events is a small event production company owned by pioneer entrepreneur Norman van Holst. For over 28 years Norman has been running several, sometimes completely various types of small businesses. His passion for event production, mostly festivals, has never stopped and from time to time he picks up his initial production business.

2020 is the year the whole world has been affected by the pandemic. Especially the event industry has come to a complete stand still. Hardly any flexibility or alternative ways to keep the industry alive have been shown. Not what you can expect from a creative industry. Norman made a plan, created a team and is now turning on site (in person) festivals to interactive virtual festivals via a new platform. A new way of event production is born.

Turn your on site festival into a virtual festival now and create a hybrid festival in the future. A hybrid festival gives organizers the flexibility to scale up and down in recent and future crisis situations. Hybrid festivals are the new future, welcome to tomorrow!

Keep your festival alive
Go Virtual 2020 > Go Hybrid 202?

Some of the on-site production experiences:

Bonaire Beach Festival – Big Rivers festival – Wantijpop – Rainbow Festival – Open dag Ajax – Tomorrowland –Decibel outdoor – Uitmarkt Rotterdam – Zomerpodium – Dance Parade Scheveningen – Europa karavaan 2000 – Opening Capelse metro – Zoetermeer Blues – Zoetermeer Culinair – Tropical Parade – Rijnmond Jazz Gala – Spel TV Show – Kwakoe Festival – Spijkpop – Respect Festival Breda and many many more…

For more information contact Norman via or by the form.